Take a Rest (It's the Best)

Here's a glimpse into one of my mornings this week...

5:30 AM Wake up

6:00 AM Run a few miles

6:50 AM Walk a dog

7:00 AM Prep kids, breakfasts, & lunches

7:45 AM Wave one kiddo off to school, feed the other (again)

8:00 AM Review/tweak script for video shoot, answer emails

9:00 AM Record new mindfulness series (!)

10:45 AM Rush to teach classes

11:00 AM Yoga classes with 3 groups of little people 

12:00 PM Inhale a sandwich, and finally, a few minutes to rest before more classes with little people...


Sometimes I find myself not practicing the tools I teach the kids. The tools I know are so important. The tools that have taught me to be kinder to myself.

And my body lets me know.

Like this day, that I rushed around so much, I literally had to turn the lights off and LAY MYSELF DOWN because of all the busyness I created in my morning. 

Ultimately, I created Yogi Squad to share with others yoga and mindfulness practices that have worked for me in my own life. Naturally, as a former teacher and school librarian, my experiences have inspired me to share this knowledge with children.

Can you imagine where you'd could be right now, if someone had taught you the power of mindfulness when you were young? I tell the kids, "I could've been the President of the United States!" They laugh, of course. But all joking aside, it could be true!

Where would you be if you had learned a mindful lifestyle in your early days?

Don't forget to take a few moments for yourself each and every day. Close your eyes for a few moments before you start your car. Take a mindful walk around the block. Lay down and take a cat-nap! Investing just a few minutes of time in yourself can help keep you refreshed and recharged for those times when life gets challenging.  

Breathe in; Breathe out; Repeat. YOU GOT THIS!

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