2022 Summer Yoga Camps

2022 Summer Yoga Camps

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Camp Yogi Squad 2022

We are so excited to announce Camp Yogi Squad is back for its FOURTH year of awesomeness! We’ve selected enriching and encouraging books, activities, and crafts that explore each camp theme below through the creative incorporation of storytime, yoga, and mindfulness practices that positively benefit your child’s social, emotional, and academic development. 

Here are the details:

  • Appropriate for ages 4-10
  • Camps will be held at Daggett Park from 9-11, Monday through Thursday
  • Social distancing will be practiced to ensure everyone’s health and safety 
  • Camps are outdoors and contactless
  • Each camper is required to bring their own water and a small snack
  • Yoga mats are available to borrow upon request
  • Each camper will receive a prepackaged camp kit with all materials needed for class when they arrive at camp each day 

2022 Weekly Camp Schedule:

June 20-23: Operation Ocean  

Dive with us under the sea for this amazing camp adventure! Expect lots of underwater animal yoga, stories, fishy games, and cool crafts.

June 27-30: Yog(ART)istry

This week’s camp is all about art! Each day we’ll explore different artists and their individual styles through books, music, yoga, and of course, making our own art.

July 11-14: Monsters and Myths Mixer 

Let's do the Monster Mash... It’s sure to be a graveyard smash! Expect spooky music, yoga poses, games, crafts and more!

July 18-21: Zoom, Zoom… Here We Go To the Moon!

We’re going on a trip in a little rocket ship, Yogi Squad style! Our out-of-this-world adventure includes space yoga, songs, games, and crafts for your little astronauts.

July 25-28: Superhero Smashup

Grab your cape and let’s go! This camp is all about exercising our superpowers and being our best hero-self. Campers will learn their own special superpower and how to use it, as we play and have so much fun with yoga, stories, crafts, and more. 

August 1-4: Olympics Obsessed

Our own spin on the Olympics, yoga and stories style! We will read about awesome athletes, play fun games, and of course, have a yog-a-thon. 


Cost for camp is $125 per camper per week, which includes all art/craft supplies.


Why choose our camp?

Here’s what former camp parents have to say:

“One of the few camps that my son didn’t find an excuse to ‘not go’ at least once. He went on a few other camps and this is the only one he came away from feeling connected to everyone. The connection, the lessons taught, and the fun atmosphere are something all kids should get the chance to experience.” 

- Sara K., Yogi Squad Parent

“He will reference your teaching randomly, throughout everyday life (unprompted). That tells me that it really ‘clicked’ and is a resource he can reference again and again as he moves through life. So encouraging! Will definitely be back next year.” 

- Heather L, Yogi Squad Parent


“My son who is 5 has learned so much from her. He struggles (as lots of kids do!) with his emotions sometimes. A common technique we use is to sit and take 3 deep breaths when we need to calm ourselves. Well, the other day, as I prepared to do some breaths with him, he calmly said ‘it’s ok mom, I’ve got this’ and sat in the lotus pose with fingers touching and eyes shut. Y’all, game changer. Get your kids some yoga time with Brooke! 

- Sarah L., Yogi Squad Parent


More About Camp Yogi Squad:

An early introduction to yoga can teach students to develop their minds for better focus, allow them to maintain their youthful flexibility, and teach them tools that are useful on and off the mat for making positive, empowering choices. Yoga can help release tension, promote confidence, and increase self-esteem and self-awareness. Through the creative incorporation of carefully selected children’s stories, books come to life with the movement of yoga. Students benefit through the development of positive associations with books, reading, and physical activity. 

Each day of the camp, we will engage with social and mindfulness themes through story, movement, and mindful crafts. Every day includes: 

  • Storytime that develops social and literacy skills 
  • Mindfulness tools to help your child focus and express feelings 
  • Yoga poses to encourage movement and exploration
  • Crafts to understand and embody our themes through creativity 
About the camp teacher and director: Brooke Blankenship is a Texas certified educator and school librarian. A 200+ hour certified yoga teacher, Brooke has completed extensive training on bringing mindfulness and yoga to children. Her nonprofit, Yogi Squad, creates interactive yoga storytimes designed to enhance early literacy development and promote positive social and emotional growth in kids.